Today’s blog is a guest post from IP Inclusive partners Focal Point Training and Consultancy. Back in 2018, Focal Point created the “Steps to Inclusion” D&I review, primarily for IP Inclusive Charter signatories looking for ways to engage more effectively with the diversity agenda. Since its launch, several IP organisations have made use of the review, and Focal Point have kindly provided us with an update.

They write:

We were delighted to launch the Steps to Inclusion Review for IP Inclusive signatories last year, as a way to help firms identify practical next steps on their Inclusion journey.

Having worked with a number of firms now, it is clear that there is some very good practice happening and a real desire to drive more diversity in its widest context – and create cultures that truly value that diversity.

The biggest learning point to come from the reviews so far has been the benefit of tying all the pockets of good practice back to clear business goals and a clear strategy, along with ways of measuring effectiveness.

And to do this there needs to be a baseline of data around workforce composition. If you don’t know what your workforce make-up is (remembering that differences are both visible and invisible), then it is almost impossible to know where to focus efforts and resources to make a difference.

Emily Teesdale, a partner at Abel and Imray, has commented that “For us the main benefits [of Steps to Inclusion] have been to get external validation for the work we have been doing so far and to give us ideas for areas to look at in the future, both in terms of short-term and long-term plans. It was very useful to have an open discussion and be able to ‘pick your brains’ on various issues.”

If you would like to know more about how the Steps to Inclusion Review could help your firm with creating an inclusive culture, that will both attract and retain talent to support future growth, contact us on [email protected] or 01903 732 782  for a confidential chat. You can find more information about the review process on either the Focal Point website, here, or the IP Inclusive site here.



Page published on 17th June 2019
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