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Social distancing has left us all working remotely, typically from our own homes. But the increased distances between us, and the additional informality, don’t mean that we can stop treating one another with kindness and respect. They might require us to take slightly different approaches to the way we interact with our colleagues, but inclusivity should still be at the heart of that.

IP Inclusive partners Focal Point Training have provided us with a great deal of useful training and advice (see the events here and here, for example). They’ve now created a set of free webinars about maintaining good workplace behaviour through the coronavirus lockdown – and invited IP Inclusive supporters to join them.

Here’s their invitation:


Join us for our Coffee Break Webinars:


Wednesday April 22nd at 11:00

Managing Remote Working – how do we know we are we getting it right?

How do managers quickly adapt to managing staff remotely?  How do employees reach a new understanding with line managers and colleagues around good remote working etiquette? What does good support look like? Stella Chandler outlines practical ways of clarifying expectations as we all navigate our new working context – Register here


Wednesday April 29th at 11:00

How to Live your Organisation’s Values in this Coronavirus World

With Coronavirus forcing organisations to find new ways of working, your set of values could be an invaluable tool to help support managers and teams. Indeed, a crisis is the very time we should be mobilising them and making them work for us. But how do we do that in a meaningful way? Stella Chandler offers some practical guidance – Register here


Wednesday May 6th at 11:00

How to Navigate the Blurred Lines of Team Working during Lockdown

With so many people working from home, the lines between work, home and social lives have never been more blurred. Managers and leaders have a responsibility to help their teams understand where the lines are and what impact the changes are having on team working, communication and workplace behaviour. But it can be hard to know where to start and how to open up these discussions. Stella Chandler looks at practical steps to help everyone gain more clarity and ensure everyone feels comfortable and able to give of their best – Register here


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Page published on 20th April 2020
Page last modified on 27th April 2020
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