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If you’re still looking for ideas to mark IP Inclusive Week (11-17 November 2019), you could do worse than to pledge support for IP Inclusive itself. We’re powered entirely by volunteers, and we have no money of our own, so we always appreciate practical offers of time and other resources.

For example, you could:

  • Volunteer a couple of hours a week to help with our communications, especially our website, Twitter account and mailing lists. We’ll provide training and guidance. It’s an excellent way to widen your own networks and keep abreast of what’s going on in the IP sector.
  • Kick-start a regional IP Inclusive network if there isn’t one yet in your area – or offer your help to one of the existing networks (Scotland, South West, North of England and Midlands): see our regional networks page or the News and Features posts here, here and here.
  • Pledge financial sponsorship for one of our projects. For example, we’d like to upgrade a few of our website features in 2020, and also create some more Careers in Ideas resources tailored for students at specific stages of their education.
  • Commit to a longer-term sponsorship arrangement, to help with our ongoing operational costs: enable IP Inclusive to remain a force for good in the IP professions of the future.
  • Offer to host an event for us. We particularly need access to webinar broadcasting systems so that we can widen our programme of training and awareness-raising events.
  • Join our Careers in Ideas task force and help us get more outreach projects off the ground.

And of course, if you’re a signatory to our EDI Charter, don’t forget to put our logo on your website and other promotional materials. You can download the logo here. Every extra bit of publicity helps to raise our profile, in the IP sector and beyond, and to get more people engaged in the fight for equality, diversity and inclusion.

Finally, if you haven’t yet signed our Charter, IP Inclusive Week would be the perfect opportunity to do that.



Page published on 7th November 2019
Page last modified on 7th November 2019

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