What better way to mark IP Inclusive Week than to commit to a review of your D&I activities, knowing that you’ve taken your first steps towards a coherent and sustainable D&I strategy for the future?  

Signing up to the IP Inclusive EDI Charter involves six D&I-related commitments.  But it can be hard to decide how to target your resources on the D&I agenda, much less to create a coherent D&I strategy that’s properly aligned with your business objectives.

During 2018 IP Inclusive has been working with Focal Point Training and Consultancy to create a tool that will help our Charter signatories to review and benchmark their D&I credentials, to identify opportunities for improvement and to develop and prioritise future activities.  We’ve now successfully piloted this tool, “Steps to Inclusion“, with both small and large IP practices, and, as IP Inclusive Week approaches, we’re ready to roll it out for everyone in the IP Inclusive community.

Steps to Inclusion is a facilitated review process based around the IP Inclusive Charter commitments. It is:

  • simple and time efficient
  • practical (specific actions you can take to get maximum impact out of the resources you have available for D&I)
  • tailored for your organisation (to take account of your size, current practice and D&I goals)
  • strategic and business-focused (allowing you to weave D&I into your overall commercial plans rather than pursue it as a stand-alone issue)

“We found the Steps to Inclusion Review to be a really helpful audit exercise to give us a focus for our D&I plan.  It had a clear business focus and was tailored to give us highly practical short, medium and long term actions, which was particularly valuable”  – Sue Gregory, HR Manager, Haseltine Lake LLP

The cost of the review is, we believe, extremely competitive, with products tailored for both small organisations (under 20 people) and larger ones.

The process is entirely confidential; Focal Point will not share any of your information with IP Inclusive or anyone else.  It entails:

  1. Completion of a self-assessment questionnaire on your current approach to D&I, with telephone support from a D&I expert at Focal Point.
  2. An assessment by Focal Point based on your questionnaire return.
  3. A tailored report with recommendations for development objectives over a sustained period of time.  This report is debriefed in a phone call or face-to-face meeting.

For more information, or to request a Steps to Inclusion review for your organisation, please see the flyer here, contact Focal Point on 01903 732 782 or email [email protected].

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